Interior design:

  • interior, public space and office space planning,
  • assistance and consultancy during the realization of projects,
  • partial and complex interior designing,
  • concept projects of interiors based on 3D visualizations,
  • furniture design,
  • supervision.

Architectural planning:

  • supervising residential and service space,
  • implementing ready projects of single-family house,
  • analysis of renovation and reorganization potential of existing buildings,
  • lot planning,
  • concept building planning,
  • formal and legal assistance based on full authorization of the investor,
  • one-stage architectural projects connected with the possibility of filing for a building permit,
  • authorship supervision and project supervision up to final acceptance of the construction investment by the PINB.


Stage I (Getting to know the customer’s needs)

  • casual and free meeting, when we discuss the form and possibility of cooperation,
  • talk about your needs and taste, as well as analyzing your functionality and aesthetic desires,
  • discussing the budget for the investment.

Stage II (concept project)

  • measuring the rooms (stock-taking for the needs of designing the interior),
  • a projection of furnished room with the measurements,
  • visualizations of the rooms.

Stage III (undertaking the project)

  • projections of electricity in the rooms,
  • guidelines for placing the sanitary and water points,
  • detailed drawings based on the concept project (for any type of subcontractors),
  • floor projections,
  • ceiling projections,
  • wall projects (sections of walls with colour guidelines, furniture, accessories and other elements covered in the concept project),
  • detailed bathroom project (guidelines for tiles’ arrangement),
  • planning fixed joinery (closets and other furniture), guidelines and measurements for subcontractors, advice on accessories which were enclosed in the concept project (type and colour of paint, floor, etc.),
  • choosing and advice on elements/equipment,
  • cost-estimate of equipment (with the estimated amount and places where it could be bought).

Stage IV (supervision)

  • consulting in the investment,
  • supervising any actions undertaken in the investment,
  • supervising supplies delivery.

Stage V (concluding the cooperation)

  • the customers fill in a survey that allows us to get feedback from the project,
  • help in repairing/exchanging any flaws that might have occurred at any stage of a project.